Cerita Sunkrisps

SUNKRISPS is a food-manufacturing company of vegetable-based snacks, with aim to help urban mother providing healthy snacks and meals for her family, with high nutrition in the products.


To nourish children to be world’s brightest generation, by innovating food products from vegetable with premium quality. Sunkrisps’ missions are: Innovattive Products, Widely Distributed Area and Education for Parents & Children.



Thorugh their journey, Sandra and Ricky, husband and wife/business co-partner, finds that healthy habits needs to be started in early age. However, the taste of vegetables are mostly bitter, and it leads to children defensive behavior of veggies. Based on the parents’ experience, through Sunkrisps, Sandra and Ricky have a passion to help parents starts healthy eating habits in their family, to be specific with the children, in a fun and easy way.


Women Empowerment is one of our main concern in the chain of beneficiaries/shareholders. 60% Farmers, 87% Employees, 90% Customers are all women led that supports Sunkrisps to grow until this day. By supporting women, Sunkrisps has more sustainable production chain that will lead to sustainable business in the future.

Sunkrispsは、女性のエンパワーメントを経営の核に位置付けて取り組んでいます。Sunkrisps を支えてくれている農家の60%、従業員の87%、顧客の90%は、女性です。Sunkrispsは女性を支援し、持続可能な生産チェーンを維持することで、持続可能なビジネスを目指しています。 

With Sunkrisps commitment to government regulation standards for food manufacturing (P-IRT, Halal, BPOM) and our high-dedicated team, we believe our products will achieve highest quality, to be loved by children in each family in the world!

Sunkrispsは、政府による食品に関する規格基準等(P-IRT、ハラール、BPOM) を遵守し、また常に食品の安全・安心を確かなものにするために献身的なチームで製造づくりをしています。私たちの製品は、世界中の家族の皆様やお子様に愛される最高品質の製品です!