Tim Sunkrisps

Sunkrisps Core Value

The Sunkrisps team upholds and applies its core values in day-to-day office operations. Being in the food and beverage industry that is for mothers and child, makes members of the Sunkrisps Team Creative and Positive in product innovation.
Team members Responsible for targets, agreements, SOPs, and implementing Good Corporate Governance as an effort for the company to grow. Maintaining trust and commitment to the company and consumers is the realization that the Sunkrisps Team is Trustworthy. Integrate with implementing the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) culture and be consistent in doing every job. Have peer empathy, understand roles and limitations, can lead a team, and evaluate teamwork as a form of Team Commitment.

Company Structure
Sunkrisps was established in 2018 by Sandra Alfina and Ricky Chandra. At the beginning of their establishment, both of them held positions not only as CEO and CFO but also cross-functions, such as finance, marketing, operations, and HR. Over time, there was a position efficiency where Sandra as CEO and CMO; while Ricky as CFO and COO. Firdha Rizkya as Sales Marketing Manager and Mirza Arfina as HR Manager. Together, the four of them are the Board of Director.

Currently, the Sunkrisps Team consists of 34 people, consisting of 4 BOD members and 30 team members.
The team split up into two teams, the office team and the operation team. The BOD, marketing, and finance are under the office team while QC, production planner, warehouse & packing, and purchasing are under the operation team. Sunkrisps still has a long way to go, but we believe we can get through it and grow together as a team. Go Team Sunkrisps!!!

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